Pastor Amos Onileowo

Atlanta, GA

Pastor Amos Onileowo is a follower of Jesus Christ and a Pastor at CAC WOSEM Atlanta, Georgia. His purpose is
to serve and honor Jesus with his life as he carries out his mandate to make disciples and serve
others through developing and helping Christ-followers grow and bear fruit, training and
sending out believers to make disciples and creating a spiritual healthy environment for the
people of God to flourish.
Amos has served in the Atlanta Church since September 2018. Prior to working in the Atlanta
Church as the assembly pastor, he served as a resident Pastor at various branches of CAC
WOSEM in Nigeria for 7 years and also served in the capacity of an Evangelist for a total number
of 8 years as a revivalist.
Since becoming CAC WOSEM Atlanta Assembly Pastor, Amos has revived the passion to
evangelize and has initiated a daily prayer line through the help of the Holy Spirit- a prayer line
that has attracted members and non-church members. He is focused on teaching and
encouraging members to using their spiritual gifts in advancing God’s purposes while equipping
them towards the “Great Commission”.

 Oniwe Comprehensive High School, Nigeria- High School Diploma
 WISE Bible School Ilesha, Nigeria- Diploma in Theology
 University of Ibadan, Nigeria- Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies
 UMCATC Ilorin, Nigeria- Bachelors in Theology