Our Founder

Born on April 11, 1925, Apostle (Dr.) T .0. Obadare was a specially anointed man of God who started his evangelistic work in 1953. This selected and elected scholar of the Word of God who by grace was the Director of World Soul-Wining Evangelistic Ministry (W.O.S.E.M). This world renowned Evangelist from Nigeria was not only a prophet and teacher but also an evangelist to the core. He was the General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church worldwide. WOSEM has its headquarters at Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria. The main thrust of the ministry is to reach out to the whole world through sound Bible doctrine, and the preaching of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophet Obadare was a divine microphone of the Lord Jesus Christ; and ambassador of the Almighty God. He like Paul, the spiritually witty apostle, said it both in the secret and public that it was imperative — indeed a must—for him to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ consequently he did not have to sleep day or night, he did the preaching in season and out of season.

This end-time evangelist’s thrust was ministered and propagated not only inside churches or other places of worship, but also at public rallies, crusades, parks and camp meetings. The print and electronic media were also being used as means of this salvation-oriented gospel outreaches with many organizations and religious groups sponsoring TV crusades and revivals.

With a passion for soul-winning and evangelistic outreach, Apostle T.O. Obadare traveled around the world speaking in revival meetings and crusades exhibiting a real and visible burden “to reach the world, be instant in season, out of season, rebuke, exhort, with all long suffering and doctrine.” 11 Tim. 4:2

Prophet Obadare longing’s to share the love of Christ and the power of His gospel with troubled souls from varying backgrounds and cultural entities was similar to Paul’s burden as he wrote to the Romans, “I long to see you that I might have some fruits among you also even as among other Gentiles… I am debtor to preach to you that are at Rome also.” Rom. 1:12-15. As old as he was, he launched into various African countries with crusades. Apart from Nigeria, his home base, he conducted revival meetings at Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Republic of Benin, Ivory Coast, etc. This man of God was a goal-getter whose life was a challenge to all people. His ministry had also established about twenty five (23) churches all over the United States and Canada. The churches in Britain, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc are also growing spiritually and numerically.

Apostle Obadare, a beneficiary of many Honoris Causae, had a doctorate (Doctor of Ministry) degree from St. John’s University, Missouri (1985).
Also conferred upon him was the membership of the International Affairs Leadership Parliament (MIALP) of the Golden State University of L.A., the International Theological Seminary of Desoto, Honolulu University, Hawaii. The Trinity College of Ministerial Arts, Aba, Imo State of Nigeria also conferred on him an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree in 1990.

Prophet Dr. Obadare was the second Apostle for the mission of Christ Apostolic Church, membership of millions all over the world. He was the General Evangelist for the same organization, due to his ministerial gift as an evangelist. He was also the Executive Director and Founder of the World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry (W.O.S.E.M), a ministry with hundreds of worship centers throughout the world. He was also the President of Interdenominational Ministers’ Association of Nigeria (IMA). This is just to mention a few of his offices and positions in the ministry.

God moved mightily with His power of miracles, signs and wonders in Apostle Obadare’s crusades. Under prophetic annointing, thousands of people had been saved, hundreds of blind people regained their sights – a man who had been blind for six years began to see again; many barren women have received their children; a woman with 14 years issue of blood was healed; People have been healed from insanity, rheumatic pains, demonic attacks of all kinds, thyphoid fever etc. The miracles of the Bible still happened in his time. Glory be to God for the life of His servant, Apostle Obadare who went to be with the Lord on March 21, 2013. He was 83, survived by his wife, Evangelist E.A. Obadare, Six children, many grandchildren and great grandchildren; to God be the glory.