General Overseer

Dr. Paul Obadare believes in dissemination of Biblical doctrines to people with precision and accuracy. He believes the Bible has explained itself and it should speak for itself. By doing so, the Bible should be practically administered prophetically, profoundly and professionally. We ought to skillfully apply the word of God in every common day life. Jesus, our model, is a professional man and He thought us full dedication, committed exemplification and practical simplification. Thus, integrity, genuine practical love and intelligible spiritual application will be the bedrock of WOSEM.

Dr. Paul Obadare, the first son of the Icon whom God used to give birth to this great Vision – WOSEM, Apostle Dr. T.O. Obadare, the African renowned Evangelist. Apostle T.O. Obadare, the President and Founder of WOSEM Worldwide, is known throughout the world for his passion for soul-winning. Dr. Paul Obadare specializes in World Religion, Theology and Counseling. Dr. Paul Obadare entered into his ministerial carrier in 1982. In 1986, he became first African minister of Mount Zion Primitive Baptist church in Selma Alabama, serving as the associate minister while attending Selma University.

In 1989, Dr. Obadare completed his Master’s degree in Religious Studies in Howard University Divinity School, Washington D.C., USA. He received his PHD, degree in Theology from International seminary in Florida, Florida State USA. After this degree, he took a job as a professor of New Testament in a local Seminary and Bible College where he thought for seven (7) years and at same time completed another Doctorate degree in Counseling. During his education, Dr. Obadare took jobs which included a young pastor and a teacher in both Methodist and Baptist churches. He worked as a Chaplain in Hospital in Washington D.C., USA. He also worked as pastor in Christ Apostolic Church – WOSEM USA, before becoming the General Secretary, CAC – WOSEM USA. Presently he is the General overseer of WOSEM ministry Worldwide. He is also the President of WOSEM Bible School Maryland USA.