Church History

In 1979, Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare and some other Prophets were praying in a small church at Akure, Nigeria, when two young men came into the place of prayer. They were Mr. Omideji and Mr. Toluwase, who are now pastors. They both informed Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare of a number of Nigerians in London who were eager to worship God. The same year at Ibadan, the Lord led the Apostle to hold three days of fasting and prayer concerning the situation of Nigerians abroad. After a three-day revival a woman prophesied for almost one hour concerning the same issue of Nigerians abroad. The Apostle went into an additional seven days of prayer and fasting concerning the issue.

In October 1979, Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare went to London. The two people mentioned above gathered some people together, to whom the Apostle preached. It was this congregation that gave birth to the Christ Apostolic Church in London.

Between 1980 and 1981, Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare became very sick. After recovering from the sickness, he went to Houston, Texas, in America to rest as advised by relatives. One night, the Lord told him not to rest, but to start His work of preaching the gospel and organizing churches in the United States. The following Sunday, the Apostle gathered about ten people together to worship. He had scheduled to go to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, three days later, but missed the flight. This led him to spend the night in New York at the residence of Mrs. Fapohunda. That night, Mrs. Fapohunda connected the Apostle with some other people.

Mr. Akinnuoye and other people who had dreamt about the Apostle’s visit to the United States came to see him the next day, and they all stayed at Mr. Oyinloye’s house. On the third day, the Apostle left for Pittsburgh to the house of a lady named Jacky. After his journey to Pittsburgh, the Apostle and his entourage returned to New York. That was the beginning of the Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM in New York in 1981, after he had preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people.

In 1982, the late Pastor Abraham Ade Ojo was brought to New York as the church pastor. At the same time, the Apostle went to Washington, DC, and was housed by Mr. and Mrs. Adefila. Later that year, he returned to London only to find out that the small group headed by Pastor Omideji and Pastor Toluwase had split into two—one group left with Pastor Omideji while the other group started meeting at the house of a woman name Ajao. At this time, Pastor Ayepola was called to head this group, which was worshiping without a shepherd.

In 1984, one of the ministers of C.A.C. Pastor Joshua Owoeye came with Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare to the United States. They were faced with the task of acquiring a church for those who had started to congregate with Mr. Adefila’s family since 1983 in Washington, DC. After the Prophet conducted a crusade in 1984, a place of worship for the church in Washington, DC was purchased.

During the same year, he moved the crusade to Chicago and a church in Chicago started in a member’s house. At this time, the Apostle went back to Houston, Texas, where a church was also started.

Finally, in 1985, the Apostle went to Philadelphia for the establishment of another church. It was at this time that the Apostle was introduced to Mrs. Babatunde’s family in Rhode Island. In 1986, a church in Rhode Island was established.

In 1985 also, the Apostle went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Out of the members he had in Baton Rouge, one of them had a relative in Florida. When the Apostle was in Selma, Alabama in 1987, the Lord spoke to him during a prayer session to go to Miami, Florida. In the second journey, he was introduced to some people. These contacts, Mr. and Mrs. Ogunlade introduced him to Mr. and Mrs. Adeifa in Miami, Florida.

In 1989, Mrs. Akinsoyinu (Mama Fere) from Nigeria introduced some people from Los Angeles to the Apostle. Mrs. Akinsoyinu was sent to Los Angeles to prepare the place, and she introduced the Apostle to Ms. Bimbo where the church was finally established.

The next city was Baltimore, Maryland in 1991, through the connection of Mr. and Mrs. Olokungboye, followed by the city of New Jersey in 1993 through Mrs. Emily Obadan. In 1995, the call of God took the Apostle to Riverside, California, through Mrs. Salami and Mr. Ezekiel, and in 1996, another branch was established in Houston, Texas, when the Prophet was invited through Mr.& Mrs. Olowonira. Also in 1996, he established a church in Cincinnati, Ohio, through the invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Olorunyomi and Mr. & Mrs. Ayo Owoeye, and in Nashville, Tennessee the same year through the connection of Mrs. Eniola.

In 1992, there was a church crisis in Nigeria that adversely affected the churches in the USA. There was a major attack directed at the Apostle Dr. T.O. Obadare, which made some churches to secede, but God continues to give him victory.

To the glory of God, the church of God continues to grow and extend to other locations. You can now find a C.A.C. WOSEM in places such as: London, U.K., Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, Baltimore, MD, Jamaica, NY, Newark, NJ, Houston, TX, Nashville, TN, San Bernardino, CA, Ontario – Canada., Vienna – Austria, Bergamo – Italy, Oklahoma City, OK, Philadelphia, PA, Norfolk, VA, Brooklyn, NY, Bronx, NY, Providence, RI, Manchester, UK, Lanham, MD, Windsor – Canada, Washington, DC. #2, Van Nuys, CA, Long Beach, CA, Darfo – Italy, Berlin – Germany, Bridgeport, CT, Far Rockaway, NY, Portsmouth, VA.

The ministry that gave birth to these churches is the World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry (“WOSEM”), founded by Apostle (Dr.) T.O. Obadare. This ministry is the evangelistic arm of Christ Apostolic Church worldwide. There may be other Christ Apostolic Churches in the U.S.A, Canada & Europe which may or may not have sprung up from us; but such a church that does not bear the name “Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM.,” is not affiliated with us.

All the CAC WOSEM churches in North America are divided into five districts. They are: California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Texas and New York.