About Us

Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM is a Spirit-filled, biblically-based church with a passion for helping people draw closer to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We invite you to attend our services at one of our church locations.


THE WORLD SOUL WINNING EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY, Which has been abbreviated as WOSEM is strong evangelistic arm of the Christ Apostolic Church with its branches stretching across the length and breath of Nigeria and Oversees. It was founded through the direction of God Himself for the Purpose of winning souls in all parts of the World for Christ.

Our Mission

The mission of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Inc. a/k/a Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM is to disciple, multiply and nurture new converts, believers and churches in prayer, un-compromised biblical doctrine, worship, fellowship and practical evangelism in obedience to the great commission and with the unity of the whole body of Christ.

Our Vision & Strategy

The Vision of WOSEM is Soul Winning ministry. It is World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry. Taking the Gospel to everywhere humanity is found. It is a world vision, according to Matthew 28:19-20. Our Strategy is to engage in a process of turning seekers into saints, consumers into contributors, members into ministers and audience into army.


In the Beginning

The revelation about the Ministry was made to Prophet Timothy Oluwole Obadare by the Holy Spirit in May 1974 after seven days fasting and prayers at Offa in Kwara State. Steps were immediately to translate into reality. The revelation was discussed with the late President of the Christ Apostolic Church “E.T. Latunde”, who after seven days fasting and prayer consented to the establishment of WOSEM,

Though the WOSEM was conceived in Offa Kwara State of Nigeria. The landing and take off took place on 1st august, 1974 at Akure Ondo State, where the multi-million naira secretarial complex was Situated. The founder of WOSEM, Prophet T.O. Obadare was accompanied by such people as Pastor D.I. Ojo, Pastor Medayese (the late General Superintendent of C.A.C), Lawyer, I.O. Osinoiki, Elders Taiwo, Fakunde, Ayeni, Mrs Kode a nursing sister at Offa, & others on the opening day.


What we have Accomplished.

Though Christ Apostolic Church WOSEM started in Nigeria, God has given us the grace to spread around the globe. We are now located in several regions in the United States, Europe, Canada and Africa. Through the willingness to evangelize, we began to write our own Sunday school book titled “The Way” for 16yrs now and counting. The Lord also granted us the grace to begin building up believers & disciples into fruitful evangelists through our bible school program “WOSEM Bible INSTITUTE” established in 2014.

Since WOSEM’s main purpose is soul winning, who would we be if we were not spreading the gospel of Christ through the various media outlets that are available in this age and time. For the past sixteen years, we have spread the good news by evangelizing through Radio & Television on Eagerness of God Network.

What we are out to achieve

Follow the pattern in Acts of Apostle 2:42-47 and experience the five facets of growth as in the first church at Jerusalem. The first church fellowshipped, edified each other, worshiped, ministered, and evangelized.
Thus, our mission includes discipleship and nurturing new believers and associate ministries through set up of meaningful cell groups and prayer workshops. Reach out to a multi-racial and multi-cultural society through evangelism and neighborhoods cell group prayer meeting, internet services, seminars, revivals, and public media. (Matt. 28:18-20; Mal. 2:6)
Engage the new converts in New Testament worship, fellowship and discipleship for effective spiritual services in collaboration with other Christian organization or institution.
Equip Saints into spiritual maturity through profound quality teaching, discipleship, and practical prayer life and mentor members to maximum productivity. (Heb. 13:20; Jer. 1:17-19, 23)
Empower spiritual leaders through various Christian network programs, workshops, seminars and through leadership training for greater profitability. (Eph. 6:10-18, Acts 2 & 2 Cor. 6:7, 2 Cor. 10:4)
WOSEM ministry models the example of our mentor, our Lord Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry. It seeks to replicate the three things that attracted large crowds to Him. Jesus did three things with crowds:
He loved them (Matt. 9:36)
He met their needs (Matt. 15:30, Luke 6:17-18 & John 6:2)
He thought them in interesting and practical ways (Matt. 13:34, Mk. 10:1, Mk.12:37). These are the three ingredients that would attract nation for the end-time revival.